Welcome to Anchorwind.net 

I publish under the name Monk Anchorwind.

I am an emotionally charged Disabled Veteran Artist.  I have been pouring my emotions into the Anchorwind name since MUDs were played on TELNET

I tinker with visual, audio, and written forms of expression.

Come join me.

Visual Art

Most of my visual works revolve around loneliness, and the consequences thereof. A lot of sadness, desperation, and quiet contemplation go into these. They almost all have a short bit of text that’s really the focal point, everything else is built around it.


Audio Work

Most of my audio projects are fast paced, abrasive and mechanical. Over time it’s become a bit of a signature. I love sampling, and even being a bit predictable even when mixing genres. Once you know the Anchorwind formula, you like it or you don’t.


Written Thoughts

My written works vary between a couple sentences of comparative inconsequence, brief emotional rhymes, and full on paragraphs of intense reflection. I may be more well known for audio and visual, but I am most appreciated for written.


The Quinvisible (Pentakill Remix)

Download: The Quinvisible (PKRX)
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Atelier Hoolqeuin – Vol2. Ep2. Quin

Atelier Hoolequin Spike: It was sure nice of him to let us touch his portal stone. Simon nods, although it’s hard to tell. Spike:  What was all that “you can’t, it’s soulbound?” nonsense. Simon shrugs:  We’re souls –...
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Underneath | Alone Series #501

we wear our masks for so long we forget who we were underneath them Underneath by Anchorwind | January...
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March of the Holy War (Pentakill Remix)

Download: March of the Holy War (PKRX)
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The Grand ReAwakening – Vol.2 Ep.1 Quin

Vol 2. Hoolequin and The Grand Atlas There was a sudden burst of light.  Simon re-ignited. The burst of light in Spike’s face stirred him. Spike groans uncomfortably. Simon:  Damn dood, turn it town – will you? …and hand me my belt. ...
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Mother Machine 5 Cover Art

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Let’s Begin (PKRX Feat. Lich)

Download: 2017 Let’s Begin (PKRX Ft. Lich)
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Wintersday 2016 – A Quin Story

A Very Merry Wintersday 2016 Spike: Hey, you!  What’s your name? Henchman 1’s heart melts:  After all this time?! It’s- Spike yells: IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS! Henchman 1 mutters something foul. Spike turns to Simon:  That did feel...
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The Defense of Skycoast – A Quin Story

The Defense of Skycoast Voices from the bottom of the tower yelled up in unison:  Crysania!!! The echoing noise of rapid steps quickly followed the shouting. Dandd put down his pen and came out to see what all the commotion was about.  It was Spike and...
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