Welcome to Anchorwind.net 

I publish under the name Monk Anchorwind.

I am an emotionally charged Disabled Veteran Artist.  I have been pouring my emotions into the Anchorwind name since MUDs were played on TELNET

I tinker with visual, audio, and written forms of expression.

Come join me.

Visual Art

Most of my visual works revolve around loneliness, and the consequences thereof. A lot of sadness, desperation, and quiet contemplation go into these. They almost all have a short bit of text that’s really the focal point, everything else is built around it.


Audio Work

Most of my audio projects are fast paced, abrasive and mechanical. Over time it’s become a bit of a signature. I love sampling, and even being a bit predictable even when mixing genres. Once you know the Anchorwind formula, you like it or you don’t.


Written Thoughts

My written works vary between a couple sentences of comparative inconsequence, brief emotional rhymes, and full on paragraphs of intense reflection. I may be more well known for audio and visual, but I am most appreciated for written.


Abyss | Alone Series #492

reach into the abyss once and it will always reach out to you Abyss by Anchorwind | October...
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Tread Water | Alone Series #491

every day and every night we tread water how long before we drown Tread Water by Anchorwind | October...
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Ragged | Alone Series #490

we run ourselves ragged chasing the wrong paths to and fro we go no is a complete sentence Ragged by Anchorwind | October...
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Spirit | Alone Series #489

from the inside the mistrust gnaws at you stirring something unpleasant a compelling spirit Spirit by Anchorwind – October...
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Mother Machine Watches You

9 Oct 15 Note : Unaffiliated...
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Background | Alone Series #488

in the background of all things, the deep origin, we find everything.  there is so much more than anger, or sadness.  here, we find unexpected things too, like pity for those who hurt us. Background by Anchorwind | October...
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Slapped | Alone Series #487

it doesn’t matter how good your heart is you’ll get slapped about by the coiled tail of life Slapped by Anchorwind | October...
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Drain | Alone Series #486

around the drain we swirl headed towards the abyss a slow painful descent mistrust increasing Drain by Anchorwind | October...
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Energize | Alone Series #485

the power of mistrust energize each moment empowering anxiety yearning conclusion Energize by Anchorwind | September...
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