Welcome to Anchorwind.net 

I publish under the name Monk Anchorwind.

I am an emotionally charged Disabled Veteran Artist.  I have been pouring my emotions into the Anchorwind name since MUDs were played on TELNET

I tinker with visual, audio, and written forms of expression.

Come join me.

Visual Art

Most of my visual works revolve around loneliness, and the consequences thereof. A lot of sadness, desperation, and quiet contemplation go into these. They almost all have a short bit of text that’s really the focal point, everything else is built around it.


Audio Work

Most of my audio projects are fast paced, abrasive and mechanical. Over time it’s become a bit of a signature. I love sampling, and even being a bit predictable even when mixing genres. Once you know the Anchorwind formula, you like it or you don’t.


Written Thoughts

My written works vary between a couple sentences of comparative inconsequence, brief emotional rhymes, and full on paragraphs of intense reflection. I may be more well known for audio and visual, but I am most appreciated for written.


Mother Machine V | Promo Poster #3

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With You | Alone Series #500

500 nights feel like 500 years 500 voices each shed 500 tears 500 times i’ve said it’s untrue but time and again i’m alone, with you. With You by Anchorwind | November...
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Outsider | Alone Series #499

as the outsider nothing in the world is ever mine Outsider by Anchorwind | November...
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Tomorrow | Alone Series #498

tomorrow only comes when it’s too late Tomorrow by Anchorwind | November...
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Shadows | Alone Series #497

in the shadows of your legacy lay mistrust Shadows by Anchorwind | November...
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The View Off The Cliff – Draft

I am a man of nothingness, so I dream of everything. I am a man without a home, so I feel love for all. I am a man without a past, will I have one in the future? You are easily forgiven. I am not. I have much patience for you, not I. For you, everything is not enough....
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Engraved | Alone Series #496

it’s difficult to remove that which is engraved in us Engraved by Anchorwind | November...
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Rifling | Alone Series #495

mistrust builds frozen walls new wounds get punched through we can clearly see the rifling but no light through the barrel Rifling by Anchorwind | November...
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One Way | Alone Series #494

there was only one way for things to end poorly and we trusted you to not leave us there One Way by Anchorwind | October...
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