Welcome to Anchorwind.net 

I publish under the name Monk Anchorwind.

I am an emotionally charged Disabled Veteran Artist.  I have been pouring my emotions into the Anchorwind name since MUDs were played on TELNET

I tinker with visual, audio, and written forms of expression.

Come join me.

Visual Art

Most of my visual works revolve around loneliness, and the consequences thereof. A lot of sadness, desperation, and quiet contemplation go into these. They almost all have a short bit of text that’s really the focal point, everything else is built around it.


Audio Work

Most of my audio projects are fast paced, abrasive and mechanical. Over time it’s become a bit of a signature. I love sampling, and even being a bit predictable even when mixing genres. Once you know the Anchorwind formula, you like it or you don’t.


Written Thoughts

My written works vary between a couple sentences of comparative inconsequence, brief emotional rhymes, and full on paragraphs of intense reflection. I may be more well known for audio and visual, but I am most appreciated for written.


One Person | Alone Series #502

sometimes, it's enough just to make one person smile that day... One Person by Anchorwind | February...
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Biggs and Wedge – Vol.2 Ep.5 Anchorwind

Ep.5  - Biggs and Wedge   Simon: Multiple Matriarchs.  Isn't that something? Spike: Are you really that surprised? Simon /ponder: Kind of.  To think there could be multiple branches of Anchorwind out there.  I wonder what they're all doing. Spike: Kicking @#$ and...
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Intro to Clan Silverlock – Vol.2 Ep.1 Silverlock

An Introduction to Clan Silverlock Clan Silverlock is an interesting group.  Many, both within the Hoolequin Guild and outside of it, refer to them as treasure-hunters.  This is not entirely accurate.  Treasure-FINDERS, now... that’s a different story entirely.  They...
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Alternative Aggression

Download: Alternative Aggression
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My Short, Short Story (VA) (500 Word Limit)

There was once a soldier returning to his homeland.  The battle he fought was one he had no place being in the first place.  Suspicious as he was, and his comrades-in-arms were, confirmation only came too late.  Trillions of dollars, thousands of lives, and untold...
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The Anchorwind Matriarchs – Vol.2 Ep.4 Anchorwind

The Anchorwind Matriarchs Spike, Simon, and Boco walk through the portal from Lion's Arch into Divinity's Reach. Spike and Simon gasp with wonder! Spike:  Crysania was here! Simon nods vigorously, other people can tell! Spike:  Look at all the planets and stars...
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Limericks (VA)

just when it seems within reach foundations of progress are breeched you want it all to burn defeat is what you yearn you delay us with your speech   shouting until our throats are sore it's clear I fought a different war I'm trying to help disarm you're fanning...
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Of Fear and Anti-Intellectualism (VA Essay) (Draft 1)

Of Fear and Anti-Intellectualism. Fear.   It manifests differently in everyone, but common results include anxiety and anger.   Anxiety is an internal reaction, that often makes someone want to run away or stay hidden in place.  It is the 'flight' half of the...
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Dance of Internal Conflict (Pentakill Remix)

Download - Dance of Internal Conflict (PKRX)
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