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About Me

I involve myself with: Digital Art, Digital Music, Creative Writing and (a small amount of) Web Works. I am an OEF/OIF Veteran and tend to not speak of myself unless prompted. I will advocate and volunteer for others until I am unable to do so, which occurs more often than I would prefer. I have learned much about art as a therapeutic tool and enjoy helping others to learn such as well.

Visual Art

To your eyes from mine, art.

The Alone Series is an annotated history of my journey thus far, in graphical form. The topics vary from: Loneliness, Mental Health, Sadness, Anger, Philosophical Reflections, and more Loneliness. Through my Alone Series, I was able to learn to listen to all the inner voices. I was able to begin to learn how to put words to thoughts and emotions. I was able to begin to learn how to visualize a concept, how to convert the intangible to the tangible. I was able to produce pieces that others could point to and proclaim “That is what I’m saying!” By approaching art as a therapeutic outlet, I’ve not only reclaimed more of my lost self, but I’ve been able to help others do so as well.

As one who is more concerned with the thought and less the sight of my work, the quality of the words exceeds the quality of the images. If, as the creator, I did my job right: the caption provokes a thought. That is how I define success, whether or not a train of thoughts is started by the viewing of my piece. That is not to say I neglect the visuals, but the visuals will support the caption – more often than not.

I tinker around with visuals for other things too: album artwork, collaborative pieces, random tidbits, etc.

Audio Work

To your ears from mine, music.

My music journey began much earlier than my Alone Series. My music journey began in the late 90’s with a [then] new program called Acid. I played around with it but never devoted myself with any real seriousness to it, but at the same time I couldn’t just let it go either. It wasn’t until sometime in the 2000s that I truly began to revisit older works and revitalize what I could and make new elsewhere. Even then it was piecemeal and patchwork.

I had made several tracks, a couple albums worth, but there was no real direction or purpose. I had several prospective album titles I was working with as well, “For the Hoolequin in All of Us,” “Penciled-In Virtue,” “The Underground Calm,” and a few more. I eventually settled on “The Dissenting Corridors” due to my lack of cohesive style or message.

All of that changed in early 2011. After successful years with visual arts, I wanted to express a message that I simply couldn’t with an Alone Series piece and Combat was born. From February through September of 2011 I worked on an emotional 18 tracks to illustrate some of the feelings that a team of men go through in regards to the: preparation, execution, and aftermath of armed conflict. I also made a concept-art CD telling the story in text as well, to go with the album. It was my first story-driven audio project.

I’ve not stopped with Combat. On Combat there is a track named Attack! Attack! became my lightbulb moment. It became the prototype for what was to become the Anchorwind Sound.

2 years later, the first Mother Machine project was released. It was another breakthrough for me. Another story-driven audio project. As of this update there are now 4 Mother Machine projects. MM4 is my favourite thing I’ve ever done.

I’m mechanical in nature, not afraid of repetition, and am very simple to follow along. I love sampling, layering, and intense walls of sound.

Written Works

To Your Mind From Mine: Thoughts.

Here may be found a number of different written works: observations on American Dialects, essays about topics important to me or topics that struck me as odd in one way or another, excerpts from books I’ve written and other writings of importance to me. While I often feel I communicate more efficiently with Art or Music, some messages cannot be condensed so easily or expressed in an abstract manner.

I would also like to bring to your attention that I am not a proficient writer in traditional senses. I write as I speak. As such, I will use commas when I wish to add an extra detail or stop to breathe, and periods when I arrive at the end of a thought. It may help, knowing this, to develop the same rhythm reading as I do writing.

Above all, writing is the most difficult for me when compared to my Artwork or Music because I am, at heart, a minimalist. At times this means instances that require repetition or elaboration will likely receive neither. Why I write so much is beyond me. Interestingly enough, however, is my writing is what resonates with others the most: the captions on my art pieces, the small rhymes, and the submitted essays.

While I may be known as “the digital art guy!” or “that industrial guy” in certain circles, it is my speeches, essays, and short stories that have left the biggest impact on people, and from where I have earned the most accolades. There are intangible qualities to visual and audio art that are difficult to describe and yet are judged anyway, but a 3 minute speech or a 5 paragraph essay is a different animal entirely.

When you suck the air out of the room, and leave people staring at neutral places, that’s something else. When people don’t know how to follow you when you’re done, or they cry with you mid-speech, you’ve left an impact. When guilty parties thank you for saying what needed to be said. All that is difficult to do with a caption on an art piece, or a catchy dance tune.

I stopped publishing so much in 2016, it’s been a rough year for so many people. I still send my writings upon request.

The VA

Everything listed under VA has been submitted, or would have been if allowed. I have been advocating to the Veteran’s Affairs  for truly digital categories in art and music since I began participating in the system. This has included providing examples of both: material and judging criteria, as well as volunteering to be a part of the coordination/judging team[s]. I will continue to advocate for the implementation of digital art and music categories as I continue to believe that I am not the only veteran that is digitally oriented now, let alone in the years to come, and would like for veterans like myself to stand next to the painters and craftsmen [et al.] and share our stories.

I have been successful locally (many), and nationally (3x), with the VA Arts Show. While I do not specifically compete to win, the validation is appreciated. It is a shame, however, that I and others like me are inspired the way we are.

We would trade a lot of things for health and happiness.

Wouldn’t we all?


Anchorwind does not wish to be judged as an individual artist: unique and noteworthy.
Anchorwind is but one of a choir.
A choir of lament and requiem.
A choir of sadness and regret.
A choir of warriors who look back upon their war and understand their mistakes.
The Voice of Anchorwind is but one facet of an entire history of those scarred by their service, haunted by the choices they made.
Anchorwind is one of many who have and will struggle with what is done for the rest of days.
The Alone Series of is the closest to expressing the consequences and the burden that is felt in minute to minute life.
Anchorwind apologizes to any and all who relate to the work, for then they too have suffered.
Anchorwind sincerely requests that you send an email if you wish to use something posted here.

My work is easily downloadable, and I am easily found. you can mail me at , find me on twitter @anchorwind .

Most of the time I just ask for proper credit, we’re all on the same team in the end.

If you would like to collaborate on something, please let me know. I have worked with many people and am open to work with more.

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