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Chains (II) | Alone Series #212

Chains (II) | Alone Series #212

chains are measured by their weakest link societies then should be measured by their least fortunate citizens and systems by their least functioning component in doing so we then begin to lift the floor off the dirt instead of pushing the ceiling out of reach to place...
Alone 326 | Ides Of March

Alone 326 | Ides Of March

the legacy we left behind is not of pride and fame we don’t know where we’re headed and even less of where we came some little bits return to us in a flash and then they’re gone all our plans are doomed to fail as soon as they are drawn we were...

once upon a time
strode a man without a rhyme
he was sharp quick and fit
but was too humble to admit
his wings of skill gave him flight
while his mind lacked the sight
he consumed all and then himself
and emerged with broken health
for he could not see the then
and to paper he put his pen
the system exploits another
man gives the title of brother
we do what we wish not done
while opposed our body from our soul runs
we search listen and feel the vibe
lament regret and diatribe
we see those who are just swell
and realize we’ve already said our long farewell

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We could not yet know
Lose ourselves to the machine
Spring’s mist cries for us

Blood, sweat, dust, tears, flags
Is adrenaline our friend?
Summer’s Inferno

Where is what we sought
We know now who we once were
Too late, Autumn light

For whom did we pay?
A generation fractured
The Winter’s embrace

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