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My Short, Short Story (VA 2017)

Short, Short Story (Other) – VA 2017 There was once a soldier returning to his homeland.  The war he just left was one they shouldn’t have waged.  Suspicious as he was of this, and his comrades-in-arms were as well, confirmation only came too late. ...

Resist – Limericks (VA 2017)

Resist – Poetry (Other) – VA 2017   just when it seems within reach foundations of progress are breeched you want it all to burn defeat is what you yearn you delay us with your speech   shouting until our throats are sore it’s clear I...

Of Fear and Anti-Intellectualism (VA Essay)

Of Fear and Anti-Intellectualism. – Essay (Other) – VA 2017 Fear.   It manifests differently in everyone, but common results include anxiety and anger.   Anxiety is an internal reaction, that often makes someone want to run away or stay hidden in place. ...

Don’t Rock the Boat – VA Essay (Draft)

Don’t Rock The Boat   I am an OEF/OIF Veteran and a Child of Reagan.  My life has been shaped by previous generations of veterans, and civilians, trying their best to imprint upon me a core lesson:  “don’t rock the boat.”  The ideas of:...

Empty Horizons, Cloudless Skies (VA Essay)

Empty Horizons, Cloudless Skies – Personal Experience (Other) – VA 2017 Imagine standing in a place with no clouds and flat ground, featureless terrain as far as the eye could see.  Imagine no matter how far you walked in any given direction nothing...

The View Off The Cliff – Draft

I am a man of nothingness, so I dream of everything. I am a man without a home, so I feel love for all. I am a man without a past, will I have one in the future? You are easily forgiven. I am not. I have much patience for you, not I. For you, everything is not enough....

Keep Little Things Little

Keep the little things little June 2014 Keep the little things little Monologue Idea Keep the little things little. How often is that the moral of the story? Too often. It’s likely the lesson I most clearly forget when things begin to spiral into unhealthy...

war is a racket
the ‘red’ is in lives
the ‘black’ is in dollars
far more than 10s and 5s

give decades of thanks
the end was within reach
they did what they must
up there on that beach

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